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DEEBEEPHUNKY International casts nationwide and international via ECasting.

Self tapes of worldwide talents are made to match the in-depth briefings of the clients’ vision. We cast for car, fashion, perfume and for other product campaigns – always on the lookout for the one special character who runs the show.

Using a worldwide network of actors, talent agents, model agencies, international databases as well as social media tools we provide a unique international selection presented by an exclusive ECasting software to meet the clients’ particular expectations.

5 years of experience in ECasting gives us and our clients the guarantee of a most satisfactory outcome and more than 300 casted spots by ECasting does speak for itself.

Studio Casting Berlin

DEEBEEPHUNKY International Casting has been casting in Berlin for over 20 years now. We cast high-profile campaigns, TV commercials, online spots, music videos, and everything else that needs casting.

With two studios and a skilled team of casting directors we find the perfect match. Our experience and knowledge grows year by year, and we always strive to make the impossible possible.

We work hard, precise, quick and with positive intention — we love what we do.

  • BMW
    Casting International
    Direction: Micky Suelzer
    Production: BIGFISH Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Unibet
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Andreas Roth
    Production: Camp David Film
  • Dial
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Jan und Raf Roosen
    Production: e+p films GmbH
  • Jil Sander
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Wim Wenders
    Production: 2am
  • Schweppes
    Casting International
    Direction: Wolf und Lamm
    Production: Stink Films
  • Playboy fragrance
    Casting International
    Direction: Warwick
    Production: DDB Paris
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Michael Mieke
    Production: ABOUT YOU GmbH
  • Maerklin
    Casting Berlin & Casting International
    Direction: Eugen Mehrer
    Production: Le Berg
  • Immowelt Eddy’s Dream
    Casting International
    Direction: Joschka Laukeninks
    Production: Fox devil
  • Sprite
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Greg Bray
    Production: Rabbicorn
  • sOliver – Black Label fragrances
    Casting International
    Direction: Emmanuel Giraud
    Production: Palladium Commercial Prod. GmbH
  • OTTO – Das Sockenschwein
    Casting International
    Direction: Sven Werner Combé
    Production: BIGFISH Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Lóreal
    Casting Berlin
    MCCann Worldgroup Deutschland GmbH
  • Smart
    Casting International
    Direction: Los Pérez
    Production: BIGFISH Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Infiniti
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Craig Gillespie
    Production: tpfilm
  • Strellson – Make yourself unstoppable
    Casting International
    Direction: Wolf und Lamm
    Production: Wanda Productions
  • Mercedes Benz – Junge Sterne
    Casting Berlin & Casting International
    Direction: Djawid Hakimyar
    Production: It's us
  • LIDL
    Casting International
    Direction: Nathan Price
    Production: bigfish filmproduktion
  • Lieferheld
    Casting International
    Direction: Micky Suelzer
    Production: BIGFISH Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Jägermeister
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Grey Bray
    Production: It's us
  • NÜRNBERGER Versicherung
    Casting Berlin
    Direction: Wolf und Lamm
    Production: DDB Berlin GmbH
  • Sparkasse – Nicht doch
    Casting Berlin & Casting International
    Direction: Bernd Faass
    Production: element e films
  • Mercedes Benz – Relentless Improvement
    Casting International
    Direction: Pantera
    Production: bwgtbild
  • Das Handwerk
    Casting Berlin & Casting International
    Direction: WARWICK
    Production: BIGFISH Filmproduktion GmbH
About us

Karin Kruse and Ringo Kaufhold founded DEEBEEPHUNKY in 1998, when the heights of the rising creative scene were still flourishing after the Wall came down and people from all over the world were enchanted by Berlin.

This two-faced city soon became a melting-pot, representing an international townsfolk, which still is a huge part of DEEBEEPHUNKY’s signature and its ambition in casting.

National and international production companies, directors, TV-stations and documentary formats all have worked with DEEBEEPHUNKY and its growing team.

Please find contact details below.

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